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Join Us For Daily Online Live Stream Yoga Classes!

UpDog Yoga From Home ONLINE Live Stream classes, led virtually by an UpDog instructor, enable you to enjoy a variety of regularly scheduled online Yoga and Meditation classes in real-time from the comfort of your own home at pre-scheduled times each day of the week. Pre-registration for each class you'd like to attend is required.

How It Works:

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  • Any existing class packages you have will be valid for Online Live Stream classes at the studio location you originally purchased them, or you may always purchase additional Online Live Stream classes for either location.
  • Once you pre-register online, a link will be emailed to you to join the class 30 min. prior to the scheduled class time (if you register less than 30-min. prior to class start, you can still attend and will receive a link within a couple of minutes). Click the link sent via email at class time, follow the prompts to access the live stream, and enjoy your class!

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  • If you're new to UpDog, don't already have an existing UpDog class package, or your package has expired, visit the Pricing page of our website to view all the class package options which include everything from Online Live Stream Single Class purchases to Monthly Unlimited Online, to Unlimited In-Studio/Online package combos: Rochester Pricing Options


Guided Breathwork with Dr. Brian McCarroll Weekly On Tuesdays at 6:15PM and Thursdays at 8:45AM Attend In-studio or Online

BREATHE FREE! This class is for anyone looking to expand their knowledge of proper breathing technique in daily life and/or fitness activities, those suffering from respiratory related issues, and Yoga/Fitness instructors interested in expanding their horizons in breathwork. No prior fitness or breathwork experience needed. Beginners are always welcome and you can join any of our weekly sessions anytime. Regular class rates apply – FREE To All Unlimited Members!

This breathwork class is inspired by the Wim Hof Method and its Tummo style breathwork, light Yoga style stretching, and guided meditation specifically to help you focus on your mind. We will focus on varying areas of your body and mind weekly to make long-lasting change.

You will develop control over systems that you otherwise hadn't thought possible. We will demonstrate this by showing you can do things like hold your breath much longer than you think, get in touch and gain control of your body. These techniques will enable you to reduce stress, anxiety, pain and inflammation, improve sleep, endurance and athletic performance - all by breathing in a manner that will start to allow you to use your chest, lungs, brain, and body more effectively.

Pre-register for any Tuesday or Thursday class on above Schedule, or walk-ins are always welcome.

Dr. Brian McCarroll is a doctor of physical therapy from Duke Medical School, who is passionate about helping people use their own bodies to reduce pain, stress, anxiety, regulate immune function and fight pain, especially chronic pain. He is a Certified Wim Hof Method instructor. He has completed James Nestor's Breath, and received breathwork instruction from Brian MacKenzie.


Guided Meditation Weekly On Wednesdays at 7PM. Attend In-Studio or Online.

Join us for a relaxing, evening meditation as we gather as a group to create balance at the mid-point of each week. Jill will lead a casual guided meditation using a variety of simple, mindfulness meditation techniques which will vary weekly. Everyone Welcome!

No meditation experience necessary. These sessions are ideal for beginners to introduce meditation with the support of a friendly, informal group. We invite all to discuss and share your meditation experiences and best practices, as well as ask questions of other meditators in the group. Cushions and blankets provided for use.

Regardless of the meditation styles used, the intent is always simply to help you relax and quiet the mind so that you may let go into a state of peace and equanimity, and just be HAPPY! Meditation helps us to de-stress while fostering relaxation, self-awareness, focus, creativity and clarity of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state.

Pre-register for any In-Studio or Online Wednesday class on above Schedule, or walk-ins are always welcome.

Call 248-608-6668

Instructional Video: Navigating UpDog Yoga From Home ONLINE 

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