Yoga Therapy

Individualized Yoga Therapy - Now More Than Ever Is The Time For Self Care!

In-Person or Online Sessions By Appt. with Tracy Flynn

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Welcome to UpDog Yoga Therapy with Tracy Flynn, Internationally Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT) & Advanced Yoga Teacher (E-RYT 500)


What is Yoga Therapy?

Private Yoga Therapy are one-on-one Yoga sessions tailored to your individualized interests, physical needs or limitations. These sessions are specifically designed to help meet your unique needs to face health challenges at any level, manage your condition, reduce symptoms, strengthen your immune system and restore balance. Sessions can be done In-Person at our Rochester Studio or Online from the comfort of your own home.

Whether you're rehabbing from a physical injury, have limited mobility for any reason, or simply prefer a more personalized one-on-one experience for your Yoga practice, Yoga Therapy is a great place to start! Beginners who have never tried Yoga or may feel overwhelmed by a group classroom experience often find these individual sessions a great way to get started. You'll receive individualized attention that builds strength and confidence to continue with an eventual at-home and/or in-studio practice.

What To Expect In A Yoga Therapy Session?

Yoga Therapy sessions include a personalized consultation and assessment which incorporates a goal plan and timeline. During your first session you will explain the history of your conditions and your health goals and answer a few questions. Tracy will then lead you though a practice to address your specific needs in a way that is relevant and comfortable to you.

From there, you can continue with individualized sessions tailored to your schedule, needs and progress - all with the benefit of Tracy's knowledge and expertise to guide you through each subsequent session. Tracy has been teaching Yoga full-time for over 20 years and providing Yoga Therapy to clients of all ages, including children, for over 10 years.

We often begin with simple, yet effective, short practices so you are able to practice on your own. After a few days or a week we meet again to check on your progress, clarify the practice and add to or adjust it, as needed. For maximum effectiveness most people start with a minimum of 2-4 sessions. If you choose to continue, we can then meet less frequently to monitor your practice and make adjustments.

Yoga Therapy includes not only the physical Yoga practice itself, but can also incorporate Pranayama breathing techniques, meditation to quiet the mind, or other modalities. Yoga Therapy can help reduce pain and promote healing for structural conditions, such as back pain, physiological conditions, such as breathing problems, and psycho-emotional conditions like anxiety. Whatever your personalized session plan entails, you'll receive the benefit of consultation and mentorship each step of the way to help you reach your health goals.

Yoga is such a wonderful practice to relieve stress and to help maintain your overall health and vitality of mind, body and spirit to stay strong, safe and well. Tracy as a compassionate, caring and inspiring coach is there to help you succeed!

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What is the Cost?

Sessions are typically 60-minutes and can be scheduled either as in-person sessions In-Studio and/or Online sessions via Zoom:

How To Make A Yoga Therapy Appointment

Contact Tracy Flynn direct to discuss your in-person or online needs and to find out if Yoga Therapy is right for you:

Call: 248-334-7381


For in-person sessions, please arrive five minutes prior to your session and check-in at the UpDog Front Desk. Comfortable “yoga clothing” is recommended. Props etc. are provided for your use.

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More About Tracy Flynn

One of UpDog's very first Yoga instructors, Tracy has been teaching Yoga full time for 20 years and became a Yoga Therapist in 2011. She also served as the on-staff Yoga Therapist at the Institute of Neuromuscular Medicine in Detroit.

Tracy has Advanced Yoga Teacher Training (E-RYT® 500), and is registered with the Yoga Alliance. She attained her Yoga Therapy Certification through American Viniyoga Institute. The training was a two- year, 500 hour training. American Viniyoga Institute is an IAYT Certified School.

Yoga Therapy For The Hips Workshop In Rochester, Friday, June 7 @ 7:30PM

Cost: $35 per person ($40 door). Visit Workshops page for details and to register, or call 248.608.6668:


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Yoga Therapy For Better Bones Classroom Series In Rochester: 5 Weekly Sunday Afternoon Sessions Aug 11-Sept 15 @ 12:30-1:30PM

Only $125 per person for all 5 weeks: 8/11, 8/18, 8/25, 9/8, 9/15 (no class 9/1). Visit Workshops page for details and to register, or call 248-608-6668:


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Client Testimonials

"As a result of the Yoga for Low Back Pain Workshop my back is stronger and my back pain is reduced. I have incorporated many of the poses from the workshop into my daily practice. This workshop taught me not only what to do for my back it also taught me what not to do." - Maureen, 2023

"The knowledge that Tracy Flynn shares in her Yoga Therapy Series for Low Back Pain has enabled me to replace stiffness and discomfort in my lower back with improved flexibility and ease. I start most mornings by practicing a selection of the postures we were taught. Thank you Tracy for putting my health back into my hands!" - Mindy, 2023

"About a year or two prior to becoming a member of the Updog Yoga Studio, I has joined a sports club that had a yoga/pilates combination class. It was strenuous, difficult, and more often than not I felt frustrated by my inability to do all of the required postures. When I moved back to Michigan, my first objective was to find a place where I could learn "real" yoga and not a yoga combination. I wanted to learn yoga, protect my changing body and not get overwhelmed in a class with quick transitions, deep backbends, or arm balances. My goal was to move to a faster pace and more strenuous classes once I mastered Gentle Yoga.

To my surprise, I discovered that Gentle Yoga was a popular class for a myriad of reasons. Tracy's class attracted people who had practiced for a long time and were curious about how it differed from a regular yoga class. Some were just coming back to yoga after a break. Others came following surgery or injury. And, some were brand new to yoga and came on recommendation from a doctor or a friend.

One of the first things I learned from Tracy is that yoga can improve the lives of people of all ages in a variety of ways, including reducing stress, anxiety and depression, improving performance at work and in sports, reducing risk of heart condition, obesity, and a sundry of other diseases. In addition, Tracy stresses that yoga makes us feel good all-around, improving our sense of well-being and making us feel lighter, more connected to ourselves.

Though I have moved on to faster paced and more strenuous classes, I have also learned that just because I can “keep up” in a harder class doesn’t mean it’s the most beneficial thing all the time—no matter how old a person is. The movements in Gentle Yoga are mild and deliberate, with emphasis on flexibility, balance, centeredness and well-being. I have come to appreciate starting my yoga week with a class where I can stretch and strengthen my body while calming my mind in a nurturing practice environment, thank you!" - D. Berklich, 2020