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FREE "UpDog Yoga From Home" Online Yoga Classes For Michigan Healthcare Workers

As a thank you to all our Healthcare Heroes out there in our Michigan communities, UpDog Yoga invites you to join our UpDog Yoga- From Home Online Yoga Classes for FREE! We appreciate all you are doing in our community and want to extend a little bit of gratitude by offering you 100% free access to our online yoga offerings now and thru the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We hope you will enjoy these daily yoga classes, meditations and mindfulness sessions to help you de-stress when you have the time and are not busy and hard at work. UpDog Yoga From Home offers both live streaming classes daily at scheduled times, as well as a library of recorded sessions which you can watch at your convenience anytime.

All employees with a valid ID from any Michigan hospital will receive FREE access to the group with just a few simple steps:

  1. Take a pic. of your hospital ID and text to 248-388-5487
  2. Click here UpDog Yoga- From Home then log-in to Facebook and request to join the group (or search "UpDog Yoga From Home" from Facebook)
  3. Once we verify your ID via text, we will add you to the group and you can begin enjoying all of our session offerings at your convenience anytime

Thank you once again for all you do, as you truly are our heroes in this time of need. Be strong, safe and well and know that you are loved and appreciated beyond words!

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Click above to full article featuring UpDog Yoga and how Yoga is now being brought to Yogis online throughout Metro-Detroit during COVID-19 studio closures.

Thank you UpDog community for your continued support of our online efforts as we're grateful to still be able to connect with you online. If you haven't checked out our UpDog Yoga- From Home online Facebook Live group, please join us.

We offer daily online classes in all Yoga class styles for only $20 for a 1-Month Unlimited Online pass and it's FREE to all of our Unlimited Yoga members. View live streaming videos at scheduled class times daily, with access to all recorded videos in the group to watch at your convenience. Join the group by April 1 to be automatically entered to win FREE Yoga classes in our online sweepstakes!

Visit our Pricing page for details and to purchase a 1-Month Unlimited Online pass on UpDog yoga From Home Online for only $20:

UpDog Yoga Sterling Hgts. In The News!

Check out the City Of Sterling Hgts. video commemorating the city's newest Golden Corridor landmark monument, the Halo, featuring commentary by UpDog Yoga. Let's Celebrate Unity In Our Community!

DOGA - Yoga With Adoptable Rescue Puppies!

Experience Puppy Zen as rescue pups make you smile as part of Basic Yoga classes, led by an UpDog Yoga Instructor and presented by Wag 'N' Tails Dog Activity Center. Rescue puppies, from local Michigan pet adoption agencies, featured in these DOGA classes are available for adoption following each class. Additionally, a portion of proceeds from each Doga event is donated to the local animal shelters. Everyone welcome and no prior Yoga experience required. Contact Wag 'N' Tails directly to register for upcoming Doga events: 586-781-6400. Check out the Doga video with UpDog and Wag 'N' Tails on FOX 2-TV Detroit.

Puppy Love Basic Yoga Classes To Benefit Leader Dogs For The Blind

BOW WOW WOW, YIPPEE YO YIPPY YAY! Thank you to everyone who's attended Puppy Love Basic Yoga at UpDog to support Leader Dogs For The Blind. We've raised over $10,500 for Leader Dogs to date and counting as Puppy Love Basic Yoga classes are now being offered throughout the year. Visit the Workshops page for upcoming events.

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Yoga For Legally Blind Campers

Our belief is that EveryBODY can enjoy the benefits of Yoga, regardless of age, ability or any physical limitations. UpDog is pleased to offer a free Yoga class to legally blind, young adult campers at the Leader Dogs For The Blind facility each Summer. The intent is to teach these wonderful and inspiring young men and women Yoga postures that they can continue to do at home to release everyday stress and get a good stretch. Their energy, enthusiasm and good humor is incredible and their gratitude always warms the heart. Thank you campers and Leader Dogs For The Blind!

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UpDog FREE Community Yoga At Rochester Municipal Park

FREE Basic Yoga classes for everyone of all ages and abilities monthly all summer long at Rochester Municipal Park (park located just behind UpDog Rochester studio). Visit the Workshops page for upcoming events.

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UpDog Yoga Named 2018 MindBody Visionary!

This award recognizes businesses in the health and wellness industry who are supporting their communities.