Holiday Giving Tree Donation Drive In Support Of Rochester Area Neighborhood House

Once again this holiday season, UpDog Yoga has joined with Rochester Area Neighborhood House (RANH) to help local families in their time of need. Please consider purchasing a gift from our “Giving Tree” and help families by providing a little something extra during the holiday season.

Beginning Nov. 10, we have “Wish Tags” on our Giving Tree located in the lobby of UpDog’s Wellness Union (across the hall from the studio). If you prefer, you may also participate online by visiting the Giving Tree direct link to make a gift selection and then bring your unwrapped gift to the UpDog front desk by Monday, Dec. 4:

Make Gift Selection Online

  • Step 1) Select a Wish Tag from the UpDog Giving Tree in-studio (or go online at above link)
  • Step 2) Purchase the items listed on your Wish Tag (new items only)
  • Step 3) Tape or tie your Wish Tag to your purchased gift(s) and return them unwrapped to the UpDog Front Desk by 12/4. UpDog Teacher Trainers will deliver all collected gifts to RANH for wrapping and distribution.

Please Bring Your Unwrapped Gifts To UpDog No Later Than Monday, December 4th

Thank You UpDog Community For Your Generous Support – Namaste!

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Puppy Love Basic Yoga Classes To Benefit Leader Dogs For The Blind

BOW WOW WOW, YIPPEE YO YIPPY YAY! Thank you to everyone who's attended Puppy Love Basic Yoga at UpDog to support Leader Dogs For The Blind. We've raised over $15,000 for Leader Dogs to date and counting as Puppy Love Basic Yoga classes are offered throughout the year. Visit the Workshops page for upcoming events.

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Yoga For Legally Blind Campers

Our belief is that EveryBODY can enjoy the benefits of Yoga, regardless of age, ability or any physical limitations. UpDog is pleased to offer a free Yoga class to legally blind, young adult campers at the Leader Dogs For The Blind facility each Summer. The intent is to teach these wonderful and inspiring young men and women Yoga postures that they can continue to do at home to release everyday stress and get a good stretch. Their energy, enthusiasm and good humor is incredible and their gratitude always warms the heart. Thank you campers and Leader Dogs For The Blind!

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UpDog Outdoor Yoga At Rochester Municipal Park

Outdoor Basic Yoga classes for everyone of all ages and abilities twice monthly all summer long at Rochester Municipal Park (park located just behind UpDog Rochester studio). See Outdoor Yoga page for upcoming events.

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  • Yoga At Roch Park3_071918.jpg
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  • Yoga At Roch Park_071918.jpg
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UpDog Yoga Named 2018 MindBody Visionary!

This award recognizes businesses in the health and wellness industry who are supporting their communities.