Health & Safety Protocols

Yoga is such a wonderful practice to help maintain your overall health and vitality of Mind, Body and Spirit to stay Strong, Safe and Well, and we endeavor to do so safely and mindfully at our studios. We are committed to the health and wellness of you, our valued clients, as well as our instructors and all patrons of both studios. We always have and continue to actively practice cleanliness initiatives and incorporate appropriate social distancing measures as required to help keep everyone safe.

Our Commitment To You

Cleanliness Procedures

  • Our Front Desk staff is on-hand whenever in-person classes are in session and their top priority is to thoroughly clean and disinfect all common areas and touch points before/after each class.
  • Practice room floors and hallways are cleaned with our Sterilaser™ Germicidal UVC Machine between classes (see details below). Rental mats are also disinfected with this unit after each use. We will also run the Sterilaser across your own Yoga mat when placed in the practice room to disinfect it before or after class if you wish.
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers are available in multiple common areas throughout the studio for your use, including the practice rooms, front desk, bathrooms and coat rooms.
  • Antibacterial wipes are available in practice rooms for your use to wipe down any props you may use during class. We also have various props available for sale in the UpDog Boutique in Rochester should you wish to purchase your own personal props: blankets, blocks, bolsters, straps, Yoga mats, Yoga towels, mat cleaner, etc.

Germicidal UVC Sterilaser™ At UpDog Studios: Disinfects All Practice Rooms, Floors and Yoga Mats (including yours) In Seconds!

As we are all mindful of maintaining a clean, germ-free space, we want to introduce you to the Sterilaser™ cleaning device we now have at UpDog and will be using between classes on all floors thruout both studio locations.

This unit is now part of our regular cleaning regimen, in addition to our regular dry and wet mop cleaning procedures we do on all practice room floors as well as hallways, lobby and bathroom floors. What is also very cool is that we can also use it to disinfect all of our rental Yoga mats and can even use on your own personal Yoga mat just by running it across your mat before and/or after class!

Sterilaser delivers a massive dose of germicidal ultraviolet (UVC) light to disinfect any large flat surface. When pulled at a normal walking pace, it kills over 99.7% of all pathogens in its path in less than a quarter of a second (as verified by bio-medical testing at Oakland University and other studies (click here to view the OU study results.) It is perfectly safe, super quick, easy to use, and a chemical free (Green Technology) product.

It destroys dangerous germs, bacteria and viruses such as Hepatitis, STAPH (including MRSA), E-Coli, Salmonella, HIV and the Influenza-Viruses. Microorganisms, such as ring worm and dust mites are instantly killed, as is mold and mildew. As a "Green Technology" UVC does not contribute to the development of resistant strains of microorganisms, as do other antimicrobials and antibiotics.

Hospitals have been using germicidal UVC for years. The Sterilaser unit in particular has been around for about 7 years and was concepted and manufactured right here in Rochester, MI out of a need to disinfect wrestling and gymnastics mats and is actively used in schools and gymnasiums nationwide. An UpDog client's husband, who is a former wrestler, emailed me about it when we began evaluating and looking for ways to further improve our cleanliness procedures to combat Coronavirus in early March.

We're pleased to be able to find a way to bring this same germicidal technology into the studio to make it as germ free as possible and to give all a little more peace of mind when practicing. We have two Sterilaser units and will use at both of the UpDog Rochester and Sterling Hgts. locations on a daily basis. According to the manufacturer, we are the first Yoga studio nationwide to utilize the Sterilaser and we are excited to bring this technology to our Yoga community!

Check out the video to see the Sterilaser in action!

Emilie Thompson Pic.jpg

FREE "UpDog Yoga From Home" Online Yoga Classes For Michigan Healthcare Workers

As a continued thank you to all our Healthcare Heroes in our Michigan communities, UpDog is continuing to offer ongoing access to our Facebook Video Library of Yoga Classes to ALL Michigan Hospital Employees for FREE!, including new users.

We appreciate all you have done for our communities throughout the pandemic and are aware that many of you are still working hard and working overtime. We extend gratitude by continuing to offer you 100% free access to our Facebook Video Library of over 270 pre-recorded classes from UpDog instructors. We hope you will continue to enjoy these daily Yoga classes, meditations and mindfulness sessions to help you de-stress.

Haven't joined yet? If you are an active Michigan hospital employee with ID, here's how to receive FREE access to the group in just a few simple steps:

  1. Take a picture of your hospital ID and text to 248-388-5487
  2. Login to Facebook and request to join the group (or search "UpDog Yoga From Home" from Facebook): UpDog Yoga- From Home Facebook Group
  3. Once we verify your ID via text, we will add you to the group and you can begin enjoying all of our session offerings at your convenience anytime

For more details, click here: Facebook Video Library

Thank you once again for all you do. Be strong, safe and well and know that you are loved and appreciated beyond words!