Beginning Yogis: this is a great introduction if you're at all apprehensive about taking your first yoga class as you will be in the company of other first-timers, just like you! No pressure as you have fun learning and exploring basic yoga postures, breathing technique and building your confidence - You Can Do This! Or perhaps you've already taken some yoga classes and would like to spend more quality time learning the basics and how to move safely and smoothly from pose to pose as the foundation of any practice. Tina will walk you through the essentials to begin or strengthen your yoga experience so you feel comfortable and confident in your body and in your practice. You will receive one-on-one attention and leave this Workshop feeling strong and energized for your next class! Classes meet Mondays for 4 weeks 6:30-7:30pm beginning January 13th. Cost is $99 for all four weeks! or call 248-608-6668 to register or for more information. #updogyogami #yoga

In this core stability and fluidity session, certified MELT instructor, Stephanie Howard, guides students to use the MELT roller in order to be used to rebalance the NeutroCore system, which provides Whole Body Balance, gut support, and spinal stability. Through a series of easy, precise MELT foot and roller techniques you will improve your body sense and notice changes as your body effortlessly finds greater alignment and balance. Learn how to activate your own core strength and stability by rehydrating connective tissue, making it more supportive and allowing release of long-held tension that can lead to chronic pain. Learn simple, self treatments you can do at home to erase pain and tension in your body brought on by everyday stress, overuse and age. Benefits include increased range of motion, core strength, joint stability and improved balance and posture for your summer activities as you reduce ever say aches and pains. Rehydrating your hips and legs improves texture of the super official fasha on the back of the legs (Reduced Cellulite) as well as increased hip, knee and Ankle stability. MELT stands for: Myofascial Energetic Length Technique. The MELT method is a simple self treatment that accesses and restores hydration in the body and reconnects with our internal autopilot, nervous system, to reduce chronic pain, helping us stay healthy, useful and active. The missing link to pain free living is a balanced nervous system and healthy connective tissue. These two components work together to provide your body support and optimal mindbody communication. MELT directly addresses these body systems in a way no other self treatment can. You'll notice results in the first session! For more information and to register please call 248-608-6668 or online at #updogyogami #MELT #painfree

Instructor Tina Pautz will help you lose any aversion to inversions with this Hands-On Workshop designed to teach you how to move into various inverted yoga postures safely. Tina will guide you through the basics of proper setup, technique and alignment for a series of arm balancing and inverted postures, and she'll work with you to help you get into Position. The Workshop begins with some warm up posters to prepare the upper body (shoulders and arms) for these challenging, fun poses. The workshop then gives Hugh numerous tips and techniques designed to help you float - from down dog to headstand to handstand, to Crow to side Crane and more! This is a great opportunity to learn something new and to expand and explore your yoga practice with the safety of a spotter, plus inverted postures are wonderful for your heart health. No prior experience is necessary, however, a strong desire to learn and practicing the world upside down is a definite plus! To register and for more information or call 248-608-6668. #updogyogami #upsidedown #yogainversions

Come out and experience our first ever well HubSpot! Mix, mingle, enjoy some tasty snacks and beverages and snag some great deals from amazing local Proprietors and wellness providers! Lots of raffle prizes with proceeds donated to area Charities. See you there! #updogyogami #wellhubspot #mixandmingle

An introduction to thai yoga massage techniques for laymen and Yoga and Fitness instructors: thai yoga massage therapist, Tina Pautz, provides an introduction to basic techniques of The Healing Art of Thai Yoga Massage (TYM). TYM is an ancient healing therapy combining assisted yoga postures and touch technique to promote deep relaxation, improve circulation, boost the immune system, and balanced Body Energy to facilitate mindbody integration and enhance one's sense of alignment, posture and health. This one-day Workshop is suitable for yoga practitioners, yoga instructors or anyone interested in learning a dynamic form of body work to integrate into your professional or personal practice. Yoga instructors May utilize this workshop for continuing education credits. You will learn a sequence of assisted yoga poses, stress relieving stretches, rhythmic deep tissue massage, acupressure, and the Art of giving and receiving through Metta. TYM is often referred to as lazy man's yoga because the practitioner gently Maneuvers and supports the client's body at all times into a sequence of restorative postures while applying Therapeutic Touch with Metta (loving kindness). These techniques help relieve the body of years of tension and stress by opening tight joints, lengthening muscles and providing a deep sense of well-being. Mats and cushions and props are provided for use during the workshop + take-home handouts of what you learned. For more information and to register or call 248-608-6668. #updogyogami #thaiyogamassage

A place to reclaim, cultivate and support the feminine Spirit! Join us for 90 minutes of sacred ritual meditation and movement practices at UpDog Yoga Rochester to ReDiscover our physical selves as we approach the winter solstice. The winter solstice is a time of renewal, release and rebirth. Together we will cultivate space to reclaim our power, restore Sisterhood, spirituality and well-being. This experience will leave every woman who attends feeling fully supported and Empower her to live her most authentic life. Let's grow and glow together! Pre-register online at or call 248-608-6668 #wintersolstice #updogyogami #feminine

Learn the MELT moves to relieve stress from the holiday hustle and bustle. Treat yourself to feeling great this holiday season! Certified MELT instructor, Stephanie Howard, presents a MELT hand, foot and body treatment in an interactive, supportive, Workshop environment at UpDog Yoga Rochester. MELT moves Target and rehydrate the connective tissue, freeing roadblocks, helping Keep The Regulators of the nervous system balanced. In the special holiday session you can identify where you have stuck stress in your body, a major cause of chronic aches and pains; experience how you can help boost your body's natural repair mechanism, which aides in gut balance and stress management; relieved and decompress, next rest areas of the head, neck, shoulders, low back and more using the smart ball for hand and foot treatments as well as the roller to hydrate the tissues of the entire body. Benefits include relief from headaches, insomnia, bloating, weight gain, greater mobility and ease of motion; live life more fully and enter the Holidays full of energy and with less stress and pain! No prior experience needed. Bring your yoga mat or use one of ours. We provide the MELT balls and rollers (or bring your own) which are also available for purchase after class. Pre-register online at or call 248-608-6668. #MELT #painrelief #goodtimes #holidayhealth #updogyogami

Join internationally-known psychic medium, Lisa Bousson at UpDog Yoga, as she enlightens and inspires, bringing through evidence of your ancestors survival. With over 50 years experience, Lisa will bridge the gap between that of the living and those in spirit to reconnect you with your loved ones and ancestors. When it be great to know that your loved ones are still around you, continuing their involvement in your life? The purpose of a public Spirit Gallery is to open people's minds to the possibility of an afterlife and provide proof that spirit communication is indeed possible. Are you ready to feel comforted, at peace and connected? Come with your heart and mind open as you are reunited with those you love! #updogyogami #psychic #connected #spiritual

Celebrate the Full Moon at UpDog Yoga-Rochester with a powerful, creative Native American drumming and meditation session led by Chuck McNabb, gifted medium and spiritual advisor. The drum circle and braces people of all ages and no prior drumming or meditation experience is necessary. Native American drums and rattles of various shapes and sizes will be provided, and feel free to bring your own instruments. Indigenous peoples of the world have for Millenia gathered under the light of the full moon to dance and make music. The beat of the drums brings us in tune with the rhythms of nature to evoke and raise powerful currents of Life Energy. As participants relax, enjoy and explore the music, their natural creativity and curiosity emerges and The rhythms grow and change. Each person is able to express themselves through their individual instrument while simultaneously participating as part of a larger whole for a therapeutic experience- a new voice, a collective voice, emerges as we drum together and just have fun! To register or for more information please call 248-608-6668 or #updogyogami #fullmooncelebration #drum

Puppy love basic yoga at UpDog Yoga! All proceeds donated to Leader Dogs For the Blind. Future Leader Dog puppies will be at UpDog Studio to greet you with wagging tails for a special basic yoga class! Leader Dog Handlers accompanied by their dogs will be joining us in the practice room during class. The puppies will also come into class for savasana and everyone will have an opportunity to pet and interact with the dogs after class. Animals, and especially Man's Best Friend, evoke a sense of calmness and reduce stress and anxiety in people. The gentle nature of dogs can lift our mood, make us smile and laugh, while also offering unconditional kindness and friendship. What a beautiful experience to feel they're calming presence as you practice your asanas. This is a wonderful opportunity to show your support for the great work Leader Dogs For the Blind provides in our local Rochester Community and Nationwide, while also showing the love for these adorable puppies in training who will eventually help others in need as dedicated service dogs. Please call 248-608-6668 to register or #updogyogami #leaderdogsfortheblind #yogaforlife

Join Certified Yoga Therapist, Yvonne Clark (C-IAYT, ERYT 500) at UpDog Yoga Rochester, for a special therapeutic workshop to help alleviate sciatic nerve pain in the lower back, hips and legs. Sciatic pain typically radiates along the path of the sciatic nerve, a long nerve which runs from the lower back, across the hips and back side, and down the back of each leg. Sciatica is a very common and painful problem which can range from tingling and numbness to shooting pain down the hip, entire leg and foot. Left untreated sciatica can significantly restrict movement. Yvonne will guide students through several simple yet effective yoga poses which can provide immediate sciatic pain relief. Students will learn how to relieve and release the sciatic nerve and how to perform the poses at home. Prior yoga experience is not required. Yvonne is an Internationally Certified Yoga Therapist and has been teaching yoga since 2006. Yoga Instructors earn yoga alliance continuing education credits by attending this workshop. To register or for more information or call 248-608-6668. #updogyogami #yogatherapy #heal #yogarules #yogatherapyforsciaticarelief #goloveyourself❤️