Join Certified Yoga Therapist, Yvonne Clark (C-IAYT, ERYT 500) at UpDog Yoga, for a special therapeutic Workshop to help alleviate sciatic nerve pain in the lower back, hips and legs. Sciatic pain typically radiates along the path of the sciatic nerve, a long nerve which runs from the lower back, across the hips and back side, and down the back of each leg. Sciatica is a very common and painful problem which can range from tingling and numbness to shooting pain down the hip, entire leg and foot. Left untreated sciatica can significantly restrict movement. Yvonne will guide students through several simple yet effective yoga poses which can provide immediate sciatic pain relief. Students will learn how to relieve and release the sciatic nerve and how to perform the poses at home. Prior yoga experience is helpful, but not required. Yvonne is an Internationally Certified Yoga Therapist and has been teaching yoga since 2006. To register or for more information or call 248-608-6668. #updogyogami #yogatherapy #heal #yogarules #yogatherapyforsciaticarelief #goloveyourself❤️

Create your own Mala for jewelry and meditation! Join "Mala Man Mike" for a fun afternoon of Mala making at UpDog Yoga. Mala's have been used by men and women in yoga, meditation and prayer for centuries and as jewelry in modern times. Malas can be made from gemstones that match the intention of your practice, and often serve as a reminder of affirmations. Mala making is fun, creative, relaxing and creating them can be a meditative experience in and of itself! Mike will explain the use and benefits of malas as a meditation aid and how to select and use a mantra with the Mala. He will teach how to hand make and string malas together from selected beads in order to personalize it with the students very own style. A wide selection of Mala beads, tassels and charms will be provided for students to choose from in creating their Mala, and they can also bring in any beads or other personal trinkets they would like to include in their Mala. Once they've selected their items, Mala Mike is a pro at helping students assemble, size and string the Mala to fit. He will also teach proper Mala use, care and repair. The workshop will conclude with a brief meditation using the newly-made Mala that students can then take home with them to use and enjoy for years to come! For more information and to register or call 248-608-6668. #updogyogami #malabeads #makeamala

Students will prepare and ground the body and mind for the coming holidays! This Workshop uses Earth's "grounding ingredients" -sandbags, essential oils, various props for simple yin and restorative postures, allowing muscles to be supported while soothing the nervous system. This amazing Workshop is suitable for all levels and provides an open and safe space to let go of tension, pain, and negative energy, as well as help restore and bring harmony into your life. The practice will focus on specific poses that cleanse, purify, massage and stretch the digestive organs, reducing toxins, increasing energy and improving mental acuity. or call 248-608-6668 to register or for more information. #updogyogami #cleanse #goloveyourself❤️

Puppy love basic yoga at UpDog Yoga! All proceeds donated to Leader Dogs For the Blind. Future Leader Dog puppies will be at UpDog Studio to greet you with wagging tails for a special basic yoga class! Leader Dog Handlers accompanied by their dogs will be joining us in the practice room during class. The puppies will also come into class for savasana and everyone will have an opportunity to pet and interact with the dogs after class. Animals, and especially Man's Best Friend, evoke a sense of calmness and reduce stress and anxiety in people. The gentle nature of dogs can lift our mood, make us smile and laugh, while also offering unconditional kindness and friendship. What a beautiful experience to feel they're calming presence as you practice your asanas. This is a wonderful opportunity to show your support for the great work Leader Dogs For the Blind provides in our local Rochester Community and Nationwide, while also showing the love for these adorable puppies in training who will eventually help others in need as dedicated service dogs. Please call 248-608-6668 to register or #updogyogami #leaderdogsfortheblind #yogaforlife

UpDog's own queen of Terror, Natalie Mitoraj, will stimulate students physical, energetic, and emotional bodies through the powerful combination of Asana (posture)and Agni (fire) with an invigorating Vinyasa Flow by black light, just in time for Halloween! As you glow in your flow while practicing in near Darkness, your balance is challenged and your body's senses become more heightened and attuned to your surroundings for a stimulating practice. You see by the light of your own body and other people's bodies moving in space for a trance-like, ultra-sensory experience. Neon body paint and glow sticks will be provided for you to express your creativity, or come costumed with your own Neon body art. Be sure to wear white and/or fluorescent yoga clothes. For more information and to register or call 248-608-6668. #halloweenyoga #updogyogami #glowwithyourflow

Celebrate the full moon with a powerful, creative Native American drumming and meditation session led by Chuck McNabb, gifted medium and spiritual advisor. The drum circle embraces people of all ages and no prior drumming or meditation experience is necessary. Native American drums and rattles of various shapes and sizes will be provided, and feel free to bring your own instruments. Indigenous peoples of the world have for millennia gathered under the light of the full moon to dance and make music. The beat of the drums brings us in tune with the rhythms of nature to evoke and raise powerful currents of Life Energy. As participants relax, enjoy and explore the music, their natural creativity and curiosity emerges and The rhythms grow and change. Each person is able to express themselves through their individual instrument while simultaneously participating as part of a larger whole for a therapeutic experience. To register or for more information or call 248-608-6668. #fullmooncelebration #updogyogami #drum

Join internationally-known psychic medium, Lisa Bousson at UpDog Yoga, as she enlightens and inspires, bringing through evidence of your ancestors survival. With over 50 years experience, Lisa will bridge the gap between that of the living and those in spirit to reconnect you with your loved ones and ancestors. When it be great to know that your loved ones are still around you, continuing their involvement in your life? The purpose of a public Spirit Gallery is to open people's minds to the possibility of an afterlife and provide proof that spirit communication is indeed possible. Are you ready to feel comforted, at peace and connected? Come with your heart and mind open as you are reunited with those you love! #updogyogami #psychic #connected #spiritual

Join spiritual intuitive and advisor, Chuck McNabb, as he leads a guided meditation and workshop to help you learn to identify and connect with your spirit guides, animal totems, angels and ascended masters. Everyone has guides and animal totems who walk with them in spirit during their lifetime, teaching and guiding them, and in some cases protecting them. Your higher self helps select these guides and they are responsible for helping you fulfill the spiritual contract you make with your higher self. Chuck helps you to attune to and identify what guides you have around you currently, how they relate to you and helping you on your life's journey, and how you can begin to connect with them through meditation and other techniques. To register or for more information or call 248-608-6668. #updogyogami #spiritguides #tunein

Learn the science behind sound healing and its' benefits. Participate in meditation focused on healing the deep layers of stress by taking the brain into the meditative frequencies of gamma, alpha, beta, theta and delta where even your cells heal, transform, and rebuild! This workshop is a yogic experience of pranayama (breathwork) while simultaneously moving energy through each chakra- energy center, by use of quartz crystal healing bowls tuned specifically to the " heartbeat of the Earth" at 8 Hz. This workshop is intended to release participants from repetitive cycles, illness, alleviate pain, restore balance and highlight a healthy life practice by using vibration to remove blockages and by adjusting the inner frequency and safely guiding participants into the deep layers of the brain and psyche. Be prepared for an amazing sound bath! Beginners and seasoned practitioners are welcome to participate . Join Yvonne in this amazing experience! Current yoga instructors earn Yoga Alliance continuing education credits by attending this Workshop! Yvonne is an experienced Vibroacoustic Sound Healer, Certified Yoga Therapist and Yoga Instructor (C-IAYT, E-RYT500) and Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (YACEP). To register and for more information or call 248-608-6668. #updogyogami #goloveyourself❤️ #soundhealingmeditation #soundhealingtherapy #soundfrequencyhealing #raisethevibration #retune

Fall RYT200 Yoga Teacher Training at UpDog. Start planning ahead now for fall 2018 yoga teacher training. UpDog School For Yoga can help you begin your journey to becoming a yoga instructor as you learn how to share what you love with others - it's the best thing you'll ever do! We're accepting applications for our 13-week Fall RYT200 Teacher Training Program. The fall program me it's once per week on Sundays beginning October 7th, 2018 through January 13th, 2019 for a manageable pace. Our $2,800 makes UpDog's training remarkably affordable and you can save up to $500 with our early bird discounts. UpDog's curriculum is comprehensive and well-rounded helping students learn the skills necessary to teach mindful, therapeutic yoga for every body - whether your style is Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Slow Flow, Basic Hatha or Yin. Our program is open to yoga practitioners of all experience levels aspiring to learn, with no prerequisites. If you've been considering deepening your yoga practice and learning how to teach others the amazing path of yoga, The Time Is Now. Teacher training truly is a life-changing experience. Let us help you find your bless! Over the past 17 years, UpDog has trained and certified hundreds of Michigan's strongest yoga teachers and Studio owners. Updog's teachers and staff are some of the most experienced in the industry, many with the highest certifications available from Yoga Alliance, including E-RYT500 and C-IAYT. You will learn from the best and receive personalized attention as part of our teacher training certification program. Visit the teacher training page of our website for more information or call 248-608-6668 or email #updogyogami #yogateachertraining #teachthechangeyouwishtosee #yogaforlife

Join this workshop for a fun, inspirational evening of creativity and personal exploration through the art of Soul Collage- no art experience necessary! Soulcollage is an intuitive exploration into self-discovery using images and collage to reflect, Inspire, and manifest our intentions. Kelsey will guide you in creating your very own personal vision board that reflects your personality, goals and dreams. This Workshop will allow you to deepen your understanding of yourself and tap into your inner wisdom. You may be surprised by the depth of feeling that comes up as you embrace your individual uniqueness. Soul Collage can be used to promote balance, healing, and deeper connections to others and your subconscious self; each card representing one aspect I love your personality and soul. You will leave with a beautiful soul card you created, providing guidance and inspiration for future self-expression. Workshop includes: 1 blank Soul card template and protective sleeve, recycled magazines to help create your vision, all other supplies including scissors, pens, stencils, glue. Feel free to bring any other personal photos, Fabrics, inspirational quotes, Etc to further personalize your vision. To register or for more information please call 248-608-6668 or #updogyogami #visionboard

Beginning Yogis: this is a great introduction if you're at all apprehensive about taking your first yoga class as you will be in the company of other first-timers, just like you! No pressure as you have fun learning and exploring basic yoga postures, breathing technique and building your confidence - You Can Do This! Or perhaps you've already taken some yoga classes and would like to spend more quality time learning the basics and how to move safely and smoothly from pose to pose as the foundation of any practice. Stephanie will walk you through the essentials to begin or strengthen your yoga experience so you feel comfortable and confident in your body and in your practice. You will receive one-on-one attention and leave this Workshop feeling strong and energized for your next class! Classes meet Mondays for 4 weeks 6:30-7:30pm beginning Oct. 1st Cost is $99 for all four weeks! or call 248-608-6668 to register or for more information. #updogyogami #yoga

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