The Munay-Ki are a series of nine Empowerment Rights of Awakening passed down from the ancient shamans of Peru. Shaman Joe will educate the group about the great rights of Enlightenment of the Munay-Ki and perform the nine rights for each participant amongst the support of the group. Receiving these deep healing rights is a very uplifting and personal experience to help you realize your sacred space, illuminate your spirit, open your heart, and align with your higher self. This powerful transformation will take place over two separate sessions. $90 cost includes attendance at both July and August sessions and all workshop materials including a DVD and a pi stone selected especially for you. Please pre-register, space is limited to 7. or call 248-608-6668 #updogyogami #shamanism #healyourself

Happy International Yoga Day! May your practice be of great service to you, your life, and that of our community, at large. Thank you for you and all that you do and all that you are. #youarelove #updogyogami #yogababy #internationalyogaday #goloveyourself❤️ #omshanti

Join UpDog at Miller's Big Red Orchard for outdoor yoga! Take a fun wagon ride into the middle of Miller's picturesque orchards to appreciate all that nature has to offer and enjoy a basic yoga class with UpDog Yoga. Breathe the fresh summer air and feel your stress disappear in the quiet Stillness of the orchard. After class the wagon ride takes us back to the Big Red Barn for complimentary cider and light appetizers. or call 248-608-6668 for more information and to register #updogyogami #loveyoga #outdooryoga

Like yoga, Vedic texts are thousands of years old and contain wisdom still relevant for us today. Traditionally these texts were transmitted and preserved by chanting and are one of the world's oldest continuous vocal Traditions. The act of Vedic chanting provides an opportunity to be inspired by sacred sounds flowing from the human voice. Suitable for all students, this Workshop will include a 30-minute Asana practice to prepare the body and mind. Chanting will then be taught by call and response. The chant will be for our health, for peace, to protect our work together, and to honor our multi-faceted selves. Cushions and chairs will be provided. #updogyogami #yoga #chanting

Shamanic yoga is the ancient practice of yoga placed in an opening of shamanic Sacred Space, inviting and invoking transformation and deepening of the heart of our spiritual practice. Yoga and Shamanism combined to help us dive deeper into our connection with Mother Earth for healing on physical and emotional levels. Breathing techniques, invigorating Asana, Mantra and energy work are all used, along with Journeys and visualisations. Shamanic journeying is a deeply meditative practice akin to astral projection and lucid dream to heal and connect us deeply with the Earth in body and spirit. or call 248-608-6668 #updogyogami #goloveyourself #yoga #shamanic

Celebrate the June full moon at updog yoga this Thursday, June 8th with a powerful, creative Native American drumming and meditation session lead by Chuck McNabb, gifted medium and spiritual advisor. Native American drums and rattles of various shapes and sizes will be provided, and feel free to bring your own instruments. The drum circle and racist people of all ages and no prior drumming or meditation experiences necessary. or call 248-608-6668 #updogyogami

Yoga teacher training is a wonderful experience that will enrich your life in so many positive ways, both during and after the training is complete. Our program is open to yoga practitioners of all experience levels aspiring to learn, with no prerequisites. Our RYT200 summer immersion program begins Friday, July 14-30 (sessions meet daily). Training will consist of four back-to-back training modules covering all teacher training Core Curriculum in a concentrated, continuous 17 day learning cycle. You will work hard but a great opportunity for those with time constraints to earn your certification in just a matter of weeks. or 248-608-6668 #updogyogami

Celebrate the June full moon at UpDog Yoga Thursday, June 8th with a powerful, creative Native American drumming and meditation session led by Chuck McNabb, gifted medium and spiritual advisor. Native American drums and rattles of various shapes and sizes will be provided, and feel free to bring your own instruments.#naturalrhythms #celebratethefullmoon #updogyogami

Join UpDog at Stoney Creek Metro Park for fun in the sun with stand up paddle board yoga. No prior experience required, come and give SUP a try! Boards, paddles, life vests (optional) and instruction provided. #updogyogami #paddleboardyoga #sofun

Join internationally-known psychic medium, Lisa Bousson at UpDog Yoga, as she enlightens and inspires, bringing through evidence of your ancestor's survival. With over 50 years experience, Lisa will bridge the gap between that of the living and those in spirit to reconnect you with your loved ones and ancestors. Are you ready to feel comforted, at peace and connected? Come with your heart and mind open as you are reunited with those you love! #updogyogami #psychicenergy

Sciatic pain typically radiates along the path of the sciatic nerve, a long nerve which runs from your low back, across your hips and back side, and down the back of each leg. Sciatica is a very common and painful problem that can range from tingling and numbness to shooting pain down the hip, entire leg and foot. Left untreated sciatica can significantly restrict our movements. Join Yvonne, Certified Yoga Therapist, ERYT 500, in this simple yet effective yoga Workshop and learn how to relieve and release the sciatic nerve pain. No prior yoga experience necessary. or call 248-608-6668 to register.

Patrick Colasanti (Tej Shiva Singh) presents an evening of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. Learn to release and let go through mind focus and meditation and the powerful sound current of the gong. For more information or to register or call 248-608-6668 #kundaliniyoga #happylife #yoga #goloveyourself❤️

Presented by Mike Maniscalco, the Heart Sutra Workshop will use the short form of this amazingly pithy and mystical text to create a platform for meditation practice. By chanting the Heart Sutra Mantra, reflecting on key portions of the Sutra itself and discovering objectless Samadhi, yoga students can begin to forge a path to their own liberation. For more info or to register, or call 248-608-6668. #updogyogami #heart #❤ #mantra #sutra

Wishing you a Happy Spring and Happy Easter! Easter Sunday Holiday Hours April 16th 9:00-10:15am Slow Flow with Jill, 7:00-8:15pm Yin with Tina. For more info

Suitable for all levels. The practice will focus on specific poses that cleanse, purify, massage and stretch the digestive organs, reducing toxins, increasing energy and improving mental acuity. or call 248-608-6668 for more information and to register. #springcleanse #yogalover

Vibroacoustics works on the body and the brain in several ways; The sound from the crystal bowls emanates from the source and is felt by the body as vibration and heard by the ears as sound. The vibration input stimulates nerve bundles along the spine, up into the brain stem and then through the limbic system. In addition, the sound stimulates the medulla in the brain stem and activates the auditory nerve that connects with all the muscles of the body. These reactions signal the body to relax and floid the brain with mood lifting chemicals. Moreover, the low frequencies also cause a relaxation of the tissues, and a dilation of blood vessels, as well as, an opening of the lymphatic pathways which, in turn, increases the body's ability to heal. Join Yvonne Clark ERYT 500, BA Literature/Psychology, TYM 3, Experienced in sound healing therapy. or 248-608-6668 for more info and to register. #goloveyourself❤ #healingvibrations

The Healing Rites of Munay-Ki this Saturday March 4th!! The Munay-Ki are a series of nine empowerment rights of Awakening passed down from the ancient shamans of Peru. Learn more in this workshop! or call 248-608-6668 #updogyogami #shamanism #healing

Train and become Certified in Thai Yoga Massage Therapy beginning this Saturday March 4th. For more info and to register or call 248-608-6668 #updogyogami #thaiyogamassage #education

This amazing and relaxing workshop tunes students in to their peace. Fills up quick, please reserve your spot or call 248-608-6668 #updogyogami #yogabliss #peace✌ #yin