Join Thai Yoga Massage Therapist, Tina and Bob, for a deeply relaxing and educational evening of Thai Yoga Massage. Share the art of giving and receiving an amazing 30-minute thai yoga Bodywork session. No prior massage experience necessary. Bring a friend, spouse or loved one to learn assisted yoga postures and touch technique that promote deep relaxation, improve circulation, boost the immune system, and balance Body Energy for Better Health. Each couple will have a chance to give and receive an incredible thai yoga massage. or call 248-608-6668 for more information and to register. #updogyogami #relax

Immerse yourself in the symphonic, soothing sounds of crystal singing bowls, handpans, gongs, swinging chimes, wind chimes and chanting by Nina and Josh. These unique and beautiful instruments will be your serenade into restorative yoga poses. Listening to percussion instruments helps The Listener achieve a meditative state to reduce stress. Restorative yoga poses help us learn to relax and rest deeply and completely which benefits all organ systems within the body. Postures are deeply supported by blankets, blocks and other props to help you achieve a comfortable state of pure relaxation in each pose for several minutes at a time. The combination of melodic sound and restorative yoga creates an ultra sensory experience that gives us pause to linger in the moment and connect more deeply with our heart space to heal mind, body and spirit in a profound way. Experience the Bliss of surrender and completely letting go as you settle into a place of stillness, leaving you feeling nourished and well-rested. or call 248-608-6668 for more information and to register. #yoga #restorativeyoga #updogyogami

SOUND HEALING MEDITATION WORKSHOP with quartz crystal healing bowls 7:30-9pm at UpDog Yoga in Rochester, MI Friday October 13th. Vibro Acoustics works on the body and the Brain in several ways; the sound from the crystal bowls emanates from the source and is felt by the body as vibration and heard by the ears as sound. The vibration input stimulates nerve bundles along the spine, up into the brainstem and then through the limbic system. In addition, the sound stimulates the medulla in the brain stem and activates the auditory nerve which connects with all of the muscles in the body. These reactions signal the body to relax and flood the brain with mood lifting chemicals. Moreover, the low frequencies also caused a relaxation of the tissues, and the dilation of blood vessels, as well as, an opening of the lymphatic pathways which, in turn, increases the body's ability to heal. or call 248-608-6668 to register or for more information. #goloveyourself❤️ #soundhealing #updogyogami

Somato Respiratory iIntegration (SRI) exercises are based on Donald Epstein's book " the 12 stages of Healing" and are designed to help the brain to reconnect with the body and its experience. The goal of SSRI is to help an individual develop lifetime skills, safety, strength, wisdom and love in relationship to the experience of his or her body, it's vibration, structure, and energy. In this Workshop, doctor Bell teaches participants how to directly experience the power and wisdom of breath and its relationship to the body, touch, and movement. Through connecting a person's breath, touch, focused movement, and attention, they are able to experience the body more fully and instantly shift their state of consciousness to one that supports trust for the body-mind and their life experience. These first three stages fall within the season of Discovery. Each of the seasons (discovery, transform, and awaken) have a different quality or flavor, bringing with it its own richness of personal growth and development. No prior pranayama or yoga experience required all levels welcome. Pre-register at #transformation #updogyogami #pranayama #sri

UpDog's own queen of Terror, Natalie Mitoraj, will stimulate students physical, energetic, and emotional bodies through the powerful combination of Asana (posture)and Agni (fire) with an invigorating Vinyasa Flow by black light, just in time for Halloween! As you glow in your flow while practicing in near Darkness, your balance is challenged and your body's senses become more heightened and attuned to your surroundings for a stimulating practice. You see by the light of your own body and other people's bodies moving in space for a trance-like, ultra-sensory experience. Neon body paint and glow sticks will be provided for you to express your creativity, or come costumed with your own Neon body art. Be sure to wear white and/or fluorescent yoga clothes. For more information and to register orc or call 248-608-6668. #halloweenyoga #updogyogami #glowwithyourflow

Celebrating our 15th Birthday at UpDog Saturday March 18th!! Two free classes 12:45-1:45pm Intro to Yoga and 4:15-5:30pm Yin. 20% off 20 class packages plus tea and celebration treats!! Please stop in! #updogyogami #weloveyoga #thankyouupdog

Join us for a relaxing, evening meditation as we gather as a group to create balance at the midpoint of each week. Jill will lead a casual guided meditation using a variety of simple, mindfulness meditation techniques which will vary weekly. Regardless of the meditation styles used, the intent is always simply to help you relax and quiet the mind so that you may let go into a state of peace and Equanimity, and just be happy! Meditation helps us to de-stress while fostering relaxation, self-awareness, Focus, creativity and Clarity of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state. No prior meditation experience necessary. Feel free to check out more information at or call 248-608-6668. #freeyourmind #updogyogami #meditatedonthate

Create your own Mala for jewelry and meditation! Malas have been used by men and women in yoga, meditation and prayer for centuries and as jewelry in modern times. Malice can be made from gemstones that match the intention of your practice, and often serve as a reminder of affirmations. Mala making is fun, creative, relaxing and creating them can be a meditative experience in and of itself! A wide selection of Mala beads, tassels and charms will be provided for you to choose from and creating your Mala, and you can also bring in any beads or other personal trinkets you would like to include. Once you've selected your items, Mala Mike is a pro at helping you assemble, size and string your Mala to fit. He will also teach you proper Mala use, care and repair. You'll conclude the evening with a brief meditation by candlelight using your newly made Mala that you can then take home with you to use and enjoy for years to come! or call 248-608-6668 to register ir for more unformation. #donthatemeditate #updogyogami #mala

Students will prepare and ground the body and mind for the coming holidays! This Workshop uses Earth's "grounding ingredients" -sandbags, essential oils, various props for simple yin and restorative postures, allowing muscles to be supported while soothing the nervous system. This amazing Workshop is suitable for all levels and provides an open and safe space to let go of tension, pain, and negative energy, as well as help restore and bring harmony into your life. The practice will focus on specific poses that cleanse, purify, massage and stretch the digestive organs, reducing toxins, increasing energy and improving mental acuity. or call 248-608-6668 to register or for more information. #updogyogami #cleanse #goloveyourself❤️

In this therapeutic workshop, students learn the science behind sound healing and its benefits; participate in meditation focused on healing the deep layers of stress by taking the brain into meditative frequencies of gamma, alpha, beta, theta and delta where even cells heal, transform, and rebuild! Students can release from repetitive cycles, illness, alleviate pain, restore balance and maintain a healthy life practice. Join Yvonne Clark (E-RYT500, Certified Yoga Therapist, BA Psychology, Literature) In this yogic experience of pranayama (breathwork) while simultaneously moving energy through each chakra Energy Center by the use of quartz crystal healing bowls tuned specifically to the heartbeat of the Earth at 8 hurts. Be prepared for an amazing sound bath! - guiding students safely into the deep layers if the brain frequencies and psyche. or call 248-608-6668 to register or for more information. #healyourself #updogyogami #meditatedonthate #goloveyourself❤️

Teach the change you wish to see! UpDog Yoga teacher training curriculum is both heart and spirit based, helping students learn the skills necessary to teach mindful, therapeutic yoga for every body- whether your style is Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Slow Flow, Basic Hatha or Yin. Our program is open to yoga practitioners of all experience levels aspiring to learn, with no prerequisites. If you've been considering deepening your yoga practice and learning how to teach others the amazing path of yoga, the time is now. Teacher training truly is a life-changing experience. Let us help you find your bliss! Over the past 16 years UpDog has trained and certified hundreds of Michigan's strongest yoga teachers and Studio owners: UpDog teachers and staff are some of the most experienced in the industry, many with the highest certifications available from yoga Alliance, including E-RYT500 and C-IAYT; you will learn from the best and receive personalized attention as part of our teacher training certification program. Visit the teacher training page of our website for more information: or call 248-608-6668. #teachthechange #updogyogami #yogateachertraining #yogateachersrock

Restorative yin yoga poses, thai yoga massage and Reiki energy healing combined for up dogs amazing RestoraYin Yoga Workshop! This revitalizing form of bodywork is a wonderful way to relax, restore and renew to promote energy balancing. You'll enjoy: - a full Yin class with emphasis on restorative postures -Massage from a team of Certified Thai Yoga Massage Therapist - Reiki energy healing therapy -Aroma-therapy Restorative poses help us learn to relax and rest deeply and completely which benefits all organ systems within the body. Results typically include a deep release of blocked energy in body and mind. These soothing and well-supported poses offer the opportunity to linger quietly for a few moments and Savor the simple sweetness of Life, leaving students feeling nourished and well-rested. To register or for more information or call 248-608-6668. #blissoutinyin #feelssogood #updogyogami